Buck Rogers (aka Kiti)

Buck Rogers has been djing at infamous dance festivals and underground parties around Aotearoa since The Gathering in the late 90s. Buck’s life long passion for music birthed at the sweet age of 4 when Pops blasted Nina Simone on the old family record player … (Alongside Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart!@#?) Buck’s mission is to connect ones soul to the infinite glorious vibration of the universe rousing the people whilst re-aligning their chakras. Spanning a kaleidoscope spectrum of genres including indie dance sci-fi & rock deep tech punk house bedouin tech & disco halal. A current resident dj at the Laundry Bar in Wellington Buck hosts a number of multi-genred theme nights under the guise of Cult Queens & ‘Menage a Trois’ incorporating her flamboyant and artistic aesthetics.