Shipwrecked will be back in 2025, and we have confirmed dates of 7th, 8th and 9th of February for next year!

Make sure lock in your spot for Shipwrecked 2025 early – we have finance plans available and tickets are going fast. Get tickets here

About Shipwrecked

This vibrant boutique music and arts festival unfolds at the serene “Port o Te Ārai” on our own private lake not too far north from the hum of Auckland.

Shipwrecked is a spectacular playground, boasting five distinct stages, as well as interactive installations, mostly crafted from retired oceangoing vessels. Every aspect of this idyllic hideaway is infused with creativity, passion and imagination, and the entire festival resonates with next-level sound, world-class lighting and projections, visual arts, murals, sculpture and installation – this all combines to transport our fellow pioneers into a unique world, where tales of the high seas unfold…

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