Shipwrecked is all about having the best time with the best people. We want everyone to have an excellent time, knowing that they are well looked after. Keep an eye out for your fellow patrons, and help us in creating a safe and fun environment for all.
Cell phone reception is limited in the area so be sure to let your friends and family know where you are headed for the weekend for everyone’s peace of mind.

Shipwrecked does not tolerate harassment of any kind – sexual, racial or otherwise. Everyone is welcome, and the comfort and safety of our patrons is paramount. If you are subjected to anything non-consensual or that makes you uncomfortable, or if you witness anything that doesn’t look as it should, please notify one of our team members as soon as possible.


We are super lucky to have a freshwater lake on site for swimming! Please ONLY swim at the beach next to the Humming Hut stage. Absolutely no entrance from the camp site or walk way. Lifeguards will be on duty from 8am until 8pm. Help them in watching out for your fellow patrons, and refrain from swimming outside of lifeguard duty hours. Also please ensure that no waste, alcohol, sun cream or bodily fluids end up in the lake. By respecting the lake and its environment, we can make sure to be able to enjoy its pleasures in the long term!


There will be teams of epic humans kicking around throughout the festival ensuring everyone is happy, healthy, and has everything they need. If you find that it’s all getting a bit too much or just need a hug, sachet your way to the Safe Space – to take some time out, sip some water and enjoy the quiet company of great people. First Aid and our amazing security team are available around the clock – please don’t hesitate to ask for help.


BYO is not permitted, searches will take place on entry. Be sure to leave your drinks at home, the Shipwrecked bars will be able to take care of your each and every whim.


Shipwrecked is strictly glass-free. This is to ensure the safety of everyone as they enjoy their barefoot summer days. There will be kids running around and festival goers doing all sorts of fun things, so please help us to keep our sand and grass free of glass.


There is a TOTAL FIRE BAN at Shipwrecked.

Our Te Arai site is incredible for many reasons, and it is made all the more special by the beautiful nature that surrounds it. Nestled amongst the forest with a ground cover of dry pine needles makes fire hazards very real. The grounds are hotter than ever and with our proximity to the forest, it is incredibly important that this is adhered to.

Absolutely NO FIRE and take the utmost care when using gas cookers. Important: if you’re cooker is not fixed inside a camping vehicle, make sure the cooker is set up stable and off the ground. Take the utmost care while cooking and never leave your cooker unattended. Fire risk is always extreme at this time of year in particular

No unauthorized fire toys will be permitted.

Never drop your cigarette butts on the ground. There are ashtray tins located around our site, or even better – bring your own portable ashtray.

Please avoid using candles outside and be extra mindful when using lighters and matches.

There will be fire extinguishers located around the site – only use them in an emergency.


Pets are not permitted in the festival grounds or in the campsite. Make sure to have arranged for someone to care for your pet before leaving for the festival. If you do have a guide dog, please contact us at