The land of the Shipwrecked Festival site has come a long way from its humble origins – all starting out with a group of friends gathering for an epic weekend of camping with music.

Since those days it has evolved through the years, tended and passed between a golden thread of loving hands. From the original End of the Line crew with their Techno Villa and Weekends with Friends, to the incredible Off The Radar Festival with their crazy cool Germans and Swiss, before landing where it is today – a spectacular playground for those looking for something that extra bit special, with pieces of each crew remaining to remind us of where it all began and to see how far we’ve come.

Each year Shipwrecked evolves into an ever-expanding love affair – a time for reconnecting with our loved ones, accompanied by a soundtrack quite unlike any other. Shipwrecked Festival has been crafted with fun for all in mind – the best underground music, fantastical art forms, visuals and games, and, of course, the best people around.