Where can I buy a ticket? 

The Ticket Fairy is the official ticket provider for Shipwrecked Music & Arts Festival. Please only purchase tickets via the Ticket Fairy website.
You can only purchase tickets directly from the website or by joining the Ticket Fairy waiting list to buy resale tickets. Leave the “Type of Ticket” field blank to get notifications about any tier tickets that are being resold. The name on your ticket must match the name on your ID so you must go through the Ticket Fairy system when purchasing a ticket from someone else. 

I bought a ticket but forgot to buy a Vehicle Pass. How can I get one?

Login to your Ticket Fairy account and choose the required add-on. There is limited availability for vehicle passes.
Please note: If you chose the payment plan option, you will need to wait until the ticket is paid in full to purchase an add-on after the initial ticket purchase.
If you can’t see the add-on option, it means the add-ons are sold out.

What is the difference between a Vehicle Camping Pass and a Vehicle Parking Pass?

If you are sleeping in your vehicle, you need to buy one of the three different vehicle camping pass. The options include Small Vehicle Camping Pass (up to 6m in length), Large Vehicle Camping Pass (6-15m in length), or Vehicle and Caravan Combo Pass (up to 15m in combined length)

If you are NOT sleeping in your vehicle, you need to buy a vehicle PARKING pass.

All vehicles must have some kind of vehicle pass to enter the festival.

I can’t go anymore. How do I resell my ticket?

If you can’t make the dates anymore you can resell your ticket via your Ticket Fairy account.

There are two options:

– You can put your ticket on the waiting list
– You can sell it directly to someone via an email invite.

Simply log in to your Ticket Fairy account, go to “My tickets” and click the resell button. To help sell your ticket sooner, post about it on our Facebook event page to spread the word and help a fellow sailor out directly!




Please leave alcohol behind, searches will take place on entry. If alcohol is found, it will be confiscated before you can enter the festival site. You will not be able to collect it later.  


We want to protect the land so please do NOT bring any glass on site. Smashed glass causes long-term damage to the land and unnecessary harm to our seafarers who like to dance barefoot!


We believe a festival is no fun for animals, so please leave your puppies & co. at home. The only exemption is guide dogs. Please contact us in advance, if you are bringing a guide dog.

Private sound systems and generators

Nobody likes a noisy neighbour! These will not be permitted in the campgrounds or anywhere else on the festival grounds.


There is a total fire ban in place at Shipwrecked Festival. Please do not bring candles, fire toys, or anything with an open flame. Gas cookers with enclosed flames that are fixed in vehicles are permitted. 



Where am I allowed to swim?

You are allowed to swim in the lake on the festival site, but only in the beach area next to the Humming Hut. Please don’t enter the water in any other area and keep off the cliffs, including in the camp site. The cliffs are unstable and the water gets deep quickly!

Also please do not swim in any other lakes located in the area. Instead admire their beauty from the shores.

Swimming is only permitted during day light hours. 



I lost something at Shipwrecked. How can I get it back?

Whilst the event is running please check the info shack at the main house for your lost item.

Within 7 days after the event all lost items will be taken to our HQ based in Central Auckland. Please send an email with the description of what you’re missing to ahoy@shipwrecked.co.nz. Pictures of the missing item(s) are a great help.

Any found items will be kept by Shipwrecked for 4 weeks after the festival. After this point, all items will be donated to charity or disposed of safely.