Shipwrecked Festival 2024 officially kicks off at midday on Friday, February 9th and ends on Sunday, February 11th at 6pm.


Gate Hours:

Friday 9th February: 8am – 9pm

Saturday 10th February: 8am – 9pm

Sunday 11th February: 8am – 9pm (from 2pm for exit only)

The campsite officially opens at 8am on Friday giving you time to set up and get ready for Shipwrecked Festival which kicks off at midday.

You may exit the event site between 8am and 9pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, between 8am and 10am on Friday and Saturday priority will be given to the queue coming into the festival, so expect long wait times during these hours. You will not be able to enter or exit the event site outside these hours. Pass-outs are permitted during gate opening hours only. To re-enter the site you must present your festival wristband and go through the vehicle search process each time.

The campsite closes on Sunday at 9pm. This means you are required to be packed up and leave by this time. Please ensure you / your driver have had plenty of rest and are well-prepared for the drive home.


All tickets include camping in the tent camping area. The campsite is located around 500 meters from the festival site. You’re welcome to bring your push bike for the campsite and walkway to the festival, but please park it at the entrance and do not ride it on the festival site. Make sure you’ve got a night light and if you want to always know where it is – don’t forget a lock!



We have limited vehicle passes available. Please help us save on space and emissions by ride-sharing with friends or joining our Facebook group Shipwrecked NZ community hub to offer or find a lift with fellow sailors.

If you do wish to bring a vehicle to Shipwrecked – including cars, motor bikes, vans, campers, caravans and buses – you’ll need to purchase a Vehicle Pass.


With this pass, your vehicle is allowed ONLY in the car park. This means you will park your car and make your way to the campsite with all your gear. The walk is around 500 meters. No camping is permitted in the car park. Feel free to bring a trolley for transporting your goods. You will be able to access your car during the festival.


With these passes, your vehicle will be allowed to enter and stay at the campsite in the allocated vehicle camping areas. There are three different types of camper vehicle passes: SMALL, LARGE and CARAVAN vehicle pass. Please read the information on the ticket page carefully to ensure you select the correct pass.

Camping vehicles are not to be moved once parked up. If you need to leave the festival early, please let staff know on arrival so they can park you near the exit.

Vehicle camping passes are limited. If you are not sleeping in your vehicle, please purchase a Vehicle Parking Pass.



Shipwrecked is a fully licensed event with 4 unique bars serving a fantastic variety of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks as well as free drinking water. There are also water refill stations at various locations throughout the grounds to help keep you hydrated through all that dancing. Please bring your own reusable drink bottle.

BYO is not permitted, searches will take place on entry. Be sure to leave your drinks at home, the Shipwrecked bars will be able to take care of your each and every whim. We have the right to request ID if you look under 25, alcohol will not be served to anyone deemed underage or intoxicated.

Alcohol is offered as a compliment to the many awesome activities we offer, please drink responsibly.



Most drinks will be served in environmentally friendly stainless steel cups. A small deposit will be charged on your first purchase only. Hold on to your cup for the weekend or swap them out at the bar for a fresh one. You can also bring your own cup to be refilled.



A fantastic playground with music, performances, art, wellness and fun.

4 unique boutique bars across 5 dreamy stages.

Free drinking water.

A selection of food stalls to suit almost all your dietary desires will be offering food and refreshments throughout the festival.

Market stalls offering festival toys, outfits and more.

Flushing toilets & hot showers within the festival ground.

Cold showers and portaloos in the campground.


Your ticket + Vehicle Pass if needed (every vehicle must have a pass).

ID: NZ Drivers License or Passport.

Camping equipment.

Your own water bottle & thermos to stay hydrated. We recommend 10l of water per person to bring for the camp site.

Your favourite party outfits.

Shade is limited in the campground – think gazebos and shade sails to help keep youself cool.

Sun protection e.g. sun cream & hats


Shipwrecked is a leave no trace event so bring rubbish and recycling bins for your waste.

Personal ashtray if needed.

Anything else you think you’ll need to ensure a good time.

Feel free to bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages but please, no glass.