Terra Nine

TERRA NINE is an electronic act from New Zealand incorporating live instrumentation and electronic wizardry to produce a truly unique sound ranging in genre from psydub to trance breaks and liquid drum n bass. The music features a synergy of bowed and plucked string sounds mangled into mind bending psychedelia and poured in real time over a bottom end of organic beats and fat basslines. Terra Nines releases over the past 13 years include five albums and numerous EPs as well as tracks on myriad compilations all featuring his distinctive mixture of live organic lushness. Terra Nines music has also included collaborations and remixes by and for numerous international artists – including OTT Gaudi Gabriel Le Mar Kaya Project Tripswitch Kuba Green Beats Unknown Reality (Braincell) Suduaya Astropilot Pete Ardron Kick Bong Squazoid Green BeatsTrancient Dreams and Noosfaere. Over the past 12 years Terra Nine has toured extensively worldwide performing dynamic live audio/visual shows with his creative partner VJ Intelliki providing the perfect visual accompaniment. Festivals include Rainbow Serpent (AU) Eclipse (AU) Subsonic (AU) Antaris (GER) Full Moon (GER) Samsara (HU) S.U.N. (HU) Bakony (HU) Aurora (Greece) Ambiosonic (FR) Hadra (FR) Anthropos Festival (UK) Glade (UK) Triplicity (UK) Sunrise (UK) Waveform (UK) Eden (UK) Alchemy (UK) Bath Fringe (UK) Venus Love Experience (UK) InSpiral Lounge (UK) Al Andalus (SP) Misterika (Ukraine) Trance Adventures (Slovenia) Parihaka Peace Festival (NZ) Prana (NZ) Canaan Downs (NZ) AUM Psychedelic Festival (NZ) Dimension (NZ) and Resonance Karamea (NZ).