Sebastian Selknam (Dj producer) from chile arrived on New Zealand’s shores over a decade ago.Playing an eclectic mix of underground dub techno, minimal breaks, Rominimal and Minimal Deep Tech . Selknam enjoys experimenting across electronic music’s multiple sub genres and creating a mystical minimal atmosphere of delicious deep glitchy sounds never heard before in the NZ electronic scene. Influenced by DJs and producers from Eastern Europe ( Ukraine/ Romania/Russia ) Selknam is Founder and Owner of cultrun Cult Records. This label is 100% into minimal roots Recruiting new talent; and producing his own tracks getting attention of people around. . His on-going projects are: Resident DJ of ante social rhythm Lab- and limited Edition Micro House and Minimal Deep Tech Sessions; Participating in big festivals around Chile and New Zealand, Selknam is gonna take you into a unforgettable journey of amazing sounds.