Heylady is an Auckland reprobate who is known for her speaker-rattling basslines and ability to light up the floor with a vengeance she is all about slick solid sound. Dedicated to constantly improving the house and techno scene, Heylady has worked with some of the biggest and the best over the past 20 years as well as some of the smallest and coolest. So many parties so little gin left at the end of them.. Cutting her teeth as a promoter she has run multiple party series under the Casio Circus and Back on Track brands, she’s run small festivals, stage managed, curated, collaborated and collected music and musicians and she’s brought through some of the biggest names in house music. She held a much desired residency at The 7 Deadly Gins at Burning Man she rocked stints in LA and Melbourne and now plays regularly across New Zealand. Heylady has cemented herself as one of the forces to watch from big festival sets to small intimate club spaces her diversity and range always ensures a stomping dancefloor. Born with a soul infused with a love of all things tech, ponies, sneakers and dressups, Heylady believes fun and frivolity is paramount which is why her sets never conform to any one silly sub-genre. It’s all four-four isn’t it?