David Juno

Im originally from Germany but have been permanently based in NZ since 2014. Shipwreckeds vibe and culture capture exactly the spirit of summer festivals that I miss a lot from back home. I discovered my love and appreciation for melodic deep house downtempo techno and all things electronica 10 years ago in the small town of Jena. Over the past decade I have grown my collection of music with that certain European flavour and now behind decks in my new home of New Zealand Im sharing what inspired me at both big and small festivals; secret forest parties and loud dark basement raves. My mellow but soulful and melodic deep house sets are especially suited for the opening buildup or finishing comedown of events. Aside from DJing Im also active with The Exchange – XCHC and Mary Hush in Christchurch for example co-creating a private event on the top floor of an old mill that I also did lighting for. I would love the opportunity to pay tribute to what you have created and share with the crowds the feel good vibes I so often encountered on European dancefloors.